Actionable insights post-ignite

As always, Ignite this year was a fantastic event not just for the sessions but for the many conversations on convention center floor talking to folks from various teams and comparing the stories and demos.  This quick post will highlight a few things not yet in first release that are coming in the near future, things i expected to see that are further off


Super exciting Coming Soon or in Preview:

  1. Yammer and Office 365 Groups Integration:  Yammer is far from dead.  In fact, users of yammer can create a new yammer group and automatically create a team site, planner board and powerbi workspace.  When you manage the users in the yammer ux the changes in membership can also be seen in O365 Admin Center.  While i haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet, this would imply the ability to create dynamic groups using rules in AAD.
  2. Modern Team Sites:  This one feels very close but is not yet rolled out.  If you create an Office 365 Group and check out the sitepages library you can see the scaffolding that stores modern pages, create your own pages, add client side web parts and publish the page as your welcome page.  Still no ability to add new apps or lists and the navigation story is a bit inconsistent.    Very exciting stuff and can’t wait to see this become real.
  3. Custom Client Side WebParts with SPFX.  The SharePoint Framework gives developers a way to create new experiences using the same tooling as the product team for client side, responsive custom solutions.
  4. Team Site Pages: for now these really area a partial replacement for wikipages with a super intuitive ux but lots of limits in terms of layout or functionality.  Very promising
  5. PowerApps and Flow: these are really maturing into solutions that companies could plan to use early next year.
  6. External Members in O365 groups: This is partly here, but lacks support in planner and some other workloads.


Totally Missing for now:

  1. Modern Publishing: The screen shots have existed since the future of SharePoint event but nothing was shown in terms functional equivalents to master pages, page layouts, themes, or real branding capabilities
  2. Page and List Apps with SPFX
  3. Search Results Templating in modern pages
  4. List View Templating in modern pages
  5. Replacement for JS Embedding in modern pages
  6. Site Templating
  7. APIs to manipulate modern pages: how can i add modern webparts to preconfigure modern pages as a part of provisioning
  8. Planner Import / Export
  9. Ability to manage o365 group members for non-OWA users


As you can see, a ton of focus in sharepoint around the modern experiences, integration with groups, and next generation development stories.   Amazing things have been accomplished in months since May 4th, but tons is still to be done.  We’re used to seeing 3 years of development innovation by the time we get access to it and for platform level capabilities it looks like the cadence shift will mean that things will take a bit to mature into real usable mature platforms.  None the less great things to start bringing back value quickly.  One of my biggest takeaways was the need for a detailed roadmap to help customers understand what’s happening when as we roll out new capacities.  In a future post i’ll share more on that topic as well.