Update Flow passwords easily!

“Passwords are like underwear, don’t show them to strangers and change them regularly.” said an old friend of mine.  Most companies have a standard password change policy where every 60-90 days everyone needs to change their active directory passwords.

Unfortunately inside Microsoft flow, I hadn’t found a super easy way to update the stored token for the services i connect to after changing my password.


When you open up the design surface to take a look at your flows, it will show you what service you are connected to, but your only option in the Flow ux is to change the connection.  In fact when things stopped working after a password change, that’s exactly what i did.  I created a new connection which got me up and running and sent a frown that a better story was needed to handle password changes.



Today, While poking around the web ux for PowerApps i noticed a wonderful Manage Connections tab on the left navigation bar.

In fact I had error messages next to the two connections that still stored my expired credentials.

Super easy to hit the Key icon and walk through your sign-in flow to update the stored tokens and everything is happy.



Get started automating your world with Microsoft Flow knowing that when your password expires it’s super easy to change it over in PowerApps.

I built out a few PowerApps demos this week as well so expect some more posts on PowerApps shortly.